Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The BIG 12 - review and preview

HuskerNTulsa writes:
A couple of teams had last weekend off, a couple more played non-conference opponents and the rest began conference play...this week, everybody plays a conference game. Results from this past weekend kind'a shuffles the ranking I previously had for the conference. However . . .

Texas is still ranked at the top. Their scrimmage with SHSU allowed a ton of players to get a little game experience but this week, Mack gets to prove he can beat Oklahoma without Vince Young.
texas 28 - OU 19

Oklahoma now occupies the second spot in the conference and used the off week to try and get QB Thompson ready for the Red River Shoot Out. To no avail -
See above

Texas Tech comes in at number 3 this week after their comeback win at Texas A&M. This week they host Missouri in what will be a very interesting game to watch, not only to see if the Tigers are for real but to also see if Tech QB - receiver duo have really arrived. They have -
Tech 37 - MU 28

Missouri is my number 4 team this week. At present, they are the only undefeated team in the conference but after giving up 373 yards to Colorado, well at present they're undefeated -
See above

NEBRASKA falls to 5th this week. It took overtime at home to defeat Kansas-?? Somewhere, Tom Osborne isn't smiling. I look for the Huskers to right some wrongs this week -
NU 42 - ISU 28

Kansas is 6th this week. I've heard it said that KU would have defeated the Huskers last week if the KU secondary coach had a clue about pass defense. However, if the Husker defensive staff had clue about defending Kansas, it would have NEVER had to go into overtime for the Huskers to win-!!
This week, Kansas will entertain the Aggies of Texas A&M and, if Mangino can get the boys up from their huge disappointment of losing to the Huskers, they'll beat TA&M in a close one -
KU 35 - TA&M 31

Texas A&M comes in at 7th. Heartbeaking loss this past weekend doesn't get any better this weekend and doesn't bode well for Coach Franchione. Rumor has it that the Aggies MUST do very well the rest of the year or it's 'Goodbye Fran and Hello Kragthorpe'. Now, I'm very impressed with Tulsa'a Kragthorpe and hope he doesn't get snatched away so I've got to root for TA&M - but it ain't gonna help this weekend -
see above

Iowa State is currently my number 8. Gritty comeback last weekend deserves some credit but, like I said before, Nebraska will right some wrongs this weekend.
see above

Oklahoma State is my number 9. Defensive Coach Bedford has got to get things turned around or the Cowboys will have a hard time, even against the KSU Wildcats - this could be a fun game to watch also . . aww, probably not
OSU 31 - KSU 20

Colorado may be number 10 this week but appear to be better than their record shows.. A little salve for their wounds comes to Boulder this week in the form of Baylor.
CU 27 - BU 19

Baylor comes in at number 11 after they finally got one to bounce their way against KSU but that good old winning feeling evaporates in Boulder.
see above

AND, Kansas State brings up the rear (that would be #12 for you in North Platte) - Is coach panicking by going with a true freshman-? Aw well, after this weekend, they'll still be on the bottom.

Note to File: Nebraska is leading the conference in Total Offense, averaging 480 YPG while the defense is 9th in Total Defense - - - ??? Begs the question - WHAT DA HELL IS WRONG-???
Actually, I think most of us have a pretty good idea - - -??

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