Monday, September 04, 2006

Week 1 Thoughts

Who2005 writes:
As we come up to the Monday night game between Florida State and Miami (which I could care less about. Is it still possible for both teams to lose?), we have gone thru the first week of college football. As I look back at what has happened so far, I am very pleased with our boys in Red. They not only played a great game, but they also played through shooting themselves in the foot. The two minute drill to close out the first half, I was worried that it would be the same nonsense after the penalties. I figured that three points would be all we could do. Then the Huskers proved me wrong. And I was glad they did. The rushing game was good, not great, but good. The passing game was good, but the receiving game was almost terrible. Had it not been for the Tight Ends, the passing game would have been really bad. I am not sure I am sold on Hardy. He did not seem to be able to catch the ball. And there were others who helped show that our receivers still have more work to do in catching the ball. But overall, it was a very great game. Not too flashy, but a great game. Hopefully next week we can see the Taylor only in the first quarter, and then Ganz and Davis the rest of the game.

But that was not the only story. There were different things that happened. Like ASU almost losing to NAU. Now I know the score shows different, but that game belonged to NAU for three quarters, then the IAA team just simply wore out. But it could have been worse. Ask Kansas State. They almost lost to an IAA by a closer score. Even though the game was not broadcast, there were many ways to see the "play by play" and I have got to say this, Ron Prince I am hoping you are happy you forced out 3 QBs, ones who could have helped on Saturday. Then you have Colorado, and Dan Hawkins. I really do feel for this guy. He was a great coach in Boise State, but losing to Montana State, which by the way is the first IAA team Colorado has scheduled. It looks to be a long season for both K State and Colorado. But, another team that was supposed to contend for the North title was Iowa State. They had to go to 3 OT to beat Toledo. That does not look good for a team vying for the title of a weak North division. Missouri beat up on an overmatched Murray State, and Kansas beat up Northwestern State. So there may be competition from them, but we will not be able to tell until they actually play an IA school. But next week the Huskers have an IAA to scrimmage and practice (and hopefully get the backups to play a full 3 quarters).

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