Friday, September 08, 2006

Nicholls State Colonels

Who2005 writes:
The next game coming up is Nicholls State Colonels, a IAA school from Louisiana. Trying to get information is harder than I thought. Nicholls State is located in Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. So I looked for the local paper on line, and it did have a sports section, but nothing for the specific purpose of Nicholls State. They had an NFL section, New Orleans Saints, LSU and other college football. But I was able to manage some information on this team.

Last week, Nicholls State shut down Southern Arkansas 35-0. However, Arkansas State is a Div II school, so they were facing an overmatched opponent. So now they are going to face the Huskers, who should be able to out-power them. But here are some interesting tidbits of information on Nicholls State. According to their official sports site, they have never won on September 9th. They have played five times on this date, and lost all five times. They are also 1-13 when facing IA opponents. They did beat Arkansas State in 2001. So this quote came from the head coach of Nicholls State: "We just want to put a good product on the field and be competitive with Nebraska." But that is just what he should say. So how is Nicholls State preparing for Nebraska? X-box.

Yes, that is right, I read from the paper in Thibodaux that since Montana State did that before they beat Colorado, that Nicholls State is using the same method. The kids are playing X-Box pitting the virtual Huskers against the virtual Colonels. They said that they can beat the Huskers on the game, so they know they can do it on the field. Which is somewhat good. But somewhat bad. Sure Colorado lost to Montana State and K State had a hard time putting away Illinois State, but those teams are having major changes. Nicholls State players are going to see that you can not just push the "reset" button or change sides real quick, or change the AI level mid-game.

But what about the actual Nichols State team, not the virtual one. In last weeks game, they only allowed Southern Arkansas into field goal range once, but never allowed them to score. They allowed 200 total yards on 67 plays while racking up 261 total yards on 51 plays. Out of the 261 yards, they had 229 from the rushing game, or at least that is what their sports site claims. According to the NCAA Stat Site, they had 195 rushing yards and 66 passing yards. Either way, they still run an option and pass second. So as long as the Huskers can contain that, they should be ok. But one of the most telling stats is the score. The offense did not score all of the TDs or even drive for all of the TDs. One TD came from a bad snap to the punter where the Colonels fell on the ball, in the third quarter, Southern Arkansas had another bad snap on the punt, it was fumbled, and recovered on the 1 yard line. They did have three drives that were good drives, and took up time, but they should have a harder time against the Huskers.

But after reading that the Colonels are practicing on the real field and the virtual field, I think the Huskers should be able to put them away in the first half. And I am hoping it is enough to get Zac to rest the entire second half, get Ganz in there for some plays and get some other players to really get some time in there. This should be a win for the Huskers, but they still need to prove it on the field. And just so Nicholls State players know, I had my son play Nebraska against the Nicholls State, and he won. And he is seven years old. Maybe you should be putting in more time on the field. . . .

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