Monday, December 05, 2005

Nebraska vs. Michigan match-up in the Alamo Bowl

Dflex writes:
It is official. I have not looked in-depth at any stats yet, but this is an interesting bowl game. A huge challenge for the Huskers, but a great opportunity as well. Michigan has a big name and the game should draw a big audience. It is a real chance for Nebraska to make a statement. A win could catapult the Huskers' recruiting and bolster Nebraska's image. I win over the Wolverines puts Nebraska back in the top 25 and back in the top 25 going into next season as well.

Overall, Iowa would have been a better matchup. The only "easier" aspect of playing Michigan is that Michigan has a less mobile QB than Iowa. The Wolverines won't be running any belly/zone-read options with Henne, and that's a good thing. If Nebraska plays its best, the Huskers can beat Michigan. Michigan has to be the favorite, though. They have the same record as the Huskers but against a MUCH tougher schedule. I doubt Nebraska would have finished 7-4 while playing Notre Dame, Iowa, Minnesota, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Michigan is the better team overall.

If Callahan and his staff can find a way to win this game, it is an enormous step for the program. It would mean three straight wins to finish the season, including wins over Michigan and Colorado in consecutive games. This game could give this new regime all the momentum it needs heading into the offseason.

Without looking at any numbers in-depth, my initial reaction is that Michigan will win. But I'm hopeful. This is a difficult, but winnable, challenge.

I can't wait! :D

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