Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Past is Past

Who2005 writes:
There is that old saying "If you do not learn from the past, you are doomed to repeat it". We have seen that come true in the Husker history. You take the Huskers for granted, and they will make that 2 point conversion to go up and win their first National Championship since the 70's. You take that same team lightly the following year, and they will scorch you for 62 points while the QB runs for a few yards shy of 200, and breaks tackles from the entire defense on one play alone.

Fast forward a few years and you have a QB that can do almost anything by himself. He can run for 102 yards on one play alone, catch a pass for the go ahead TD, and win the Heisman. Problem is, the QB did most of the work. Then you have a new QB come in, barely any experience, and leads the team to a 7-7 record the first year as a starter. Then the following year, leads the team to a 10-3 record. But that is his last year. What about the next "great" QB? Barely any playing time, and the head coach gets fired. Now here's the tricky part.

A new head coach comes to lead the team. Sure he has a Super Bowl appearance as a rookie coach, won multiple awards his first year, then the second year the team disintegrates. It is no help that his boss is Al Davis, but is fired just the same. In steps the opportunity in Lincoln. After a few miscues and, uh, slips of the tongue, the Huskers do something they have not done in 40+ years. They miss out of playing in December or January. So where do we go from here?

The defense was atrocious last year. The Offense turned the ball over way too much. The special teams were not so special. And every fan has some reason for the record. And the way I see it, every Big Red fan has one of three choices. We can either live in the glorified past of Devaney, Osborne, and yes even the first few years of the Solich era; they can live in the past of Callahan's failures and Cosgrove's stubbornness; or they can revere the past and gear up for the season starting this Saturday.

You see, Callahan changed. He changed the workouts, his tone, the coaching assignments, and even his media speak. Cosgrove changed his base defense. The QB has changed. The team attitude has changed. There is change. This whole experiment has changed the University. Callahan did learn from the past. He learned from his failings in Oakland, he learned from last year. How much is yet to be seen. But as the saying promises, if you do not learn from history, you will be doomed to repeat it. There is also a flip side to that. Those who only live in the past, will be doomed. Period. Don't believe me? Try driving your car forward by only looking in the rear view mirror.

Go Big Red.

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2005 Huskers

Dflex writes:
As I type the season opener is just 4 days away. The scrimmage against Maine won't tell us much of anything (remember WIU last season!), so here are the first two things to look for against Wake Forest and beyond:

1) These coaches can obviously recruit, now can they do of good job of in-game coaching? Last season saw Callahan sometimes throw too often when running would have won the game, Cosgrove insist on using man-to-man when his players were suited to playing zone, and a general lack of in-game adjustments. On the other hand, the coaches were in a tough situation during a transition season.

2) Chemistry was a big issue last season. How will the team react this season once the waters get a little choppy after a loss, especially with all the new, young players on the roster?

There's my first blog entry of the season...can't wait to talk about some games!!!

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The Season Begins With Wake Forest

Nemesis writes:
It's nice to start with a 1AA tuneup, but the season really starts on 9/10/05.

Wake Forest is a well coached ACC team with 9 returning starters on offense. They have a strong ground game and will be an excellent early season test for the inexperienced Husker squad. Last year, they were ahead of both Virgina Tech and Florida State with less than 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

Many Husker fans will be expecting a blowout. Come on! It's Wake Forest! Not so fast, my red clad friends. This one could go either way. Regardless of the outcome, we'll know a lot more about the 2005 Huskers after this game.

If we blow them out as expected, look for the start of a new streak of 9 or more wins per season. If it's close, it could lead to another Oakland Raider-like meltdown for Callahan and another subpar season.

Lose to Wake Forest and we'll be lucky to go 3-8.

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Husker fan - in Okie land

HuskerNTulsa writes:
Once again we're hoping for a tremendous start to the season. Now, if I can re-establish the radio link with HuskerPedia like I did last year, I can listen to the play by play. One thing that was nice about that last year was that I never heard any commercials - just every once in a while it would go silent - nice!!!!

O K nozzleheads! My grotesquely rapacious pick for this week end is NU 53 Maine 9 !! Let's get this maelstrom of malevolent and misdirected mayhem started! -OOPS - hey what time's the game start ???

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Uh.... Hello.....Uh....Anyone home

TheKnightWhoSaysNee writes:
Hey, this works and stuff.

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